July 4 2015 Concert

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Lecture: Last Moments of Command: The significance of George Washington's resignation in Annapolis and the Restoration of Maryland's Historic Old Senate Chamber

From February 06, 2014 7:00 pm until February 06, 2014 8:30 pm

At Annapolis Maritime Museum 723 2nd Street, Annapolis, MD 21403, USA

Sasha Laurie, Maryland State Archives, Curator of the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property Director of Interpretation of the Maryland State Housewashington

and Elaine Rice Bachmann, Maryland State Archives, Director of Artistic Property, Exhibits and Outreach

 Lecture Highlights:

Several nationally significant events took place in Maryland's historic old senate chamber in 1783-1784, including George Washington's resignation of his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army on December 23, 1783 and the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784. The presentation will address the significance of George Washington's resignation, the state's acquisition of Washington's personal copy of his resignation, and provide insights into the history and ongoing restoration of the Old Senate Chamber. Maryland's most important room, the Old Senate Chamber in the State House, is undergoing a comprehensive restoration for the first time in more than a century.. The room was gutted in the 1870s, restored to a colonial revival appearance in 1905, and stripped to its original bricks in 2007. After six years of intensive study by scholars and architectural historians, the state is restoring the Chamber to its appearance on December 23, 1783, a process that will be completed in December 2014

Speaker Bio:

 Sasha Lourie, Maryland State Archives

  •        Curator of the Maryland Commission on Artistic Property
  •        Director of Interpretation of the Maryland State House
  •        Graduate of Keynon College and University of Maryland
  •        Oversees art collections owned by State of Maryland including those on display at State House, Governor's mansion, and exhibitions throughout Maryland legislative complex
  •        Lecturer on a variety of subjects relating to Maryland's state-owned art collection

Elaine Rice Bachmann, Maryland State Archives

  •         Director of Artistic Property, Exhibits and Outreach
  •         Graduate of Indiana University and Winterthur Program in Early American Culture at University of Delaware
  •         Co-author of "Designing Camelot::The Kennedy White House Restoration" (1997)
  •         Author of "While a Tree Grew: The story of Maryland's Wye Oak (2006)
  •         Author of numerous articles on antiques, interiors, and Maryland's state owned art collection


2014-02-06 19:00:00
2014-02-06 20:30:00
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