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We are the Real Deal! McNasby's Oyster Packing Plant, the home of Annapolis Maritime Museum, bought oysters from Chesapeake watermen, picked 'em, packed 'em, and sold them under the famous Pearl Brand Chesapeake Oysters, shipping them all over the country. We have the whole oyster story, the drama of the skipjacks, the buy boats, the packers. The whole family will see how it was done when the watermen counted oyster bushels in the thousands, because it was all done right here!

The kids can climb aboard Miss Lonesome, an authentic Chesapeake Bay workboat, try their hand at oyster tonging, as it is still practiced today and steer her straight and true. They can get up close and personal with the traditional hand-tongers boat called a Hooper Island Drake Tail, as well as study the Lydia D, a miniature Chesapeake Bay skipjack.

We have the finest summer concert series, Tides and Tunes, under the stars on our landscaped grounds with the Chesapeake Bay sunset as the backdrop! We have an outstanding Winter Lecture Series in our Bay Room when the cold winds blow!

We are a small and manageable campus! Mom can shop in our Museum Store, Dad and the kids can fish from our dock and pier or play on the sandy beach, Fido can do his own fishing, as dogs are welcome too, and Grandma can enjoy a shady rest with an incomparable view! And perhaps you'll decide to stage a family reunion or marry off your eldest child – we have great facilities for your special occasion!

You can "do lunch", easily and deliciously. Wild Country Seafood is across the street, featuring crabs, oysters, and good seafood for a real Chesapeake Bay treat!

Annapolis Maritime Museum hosts weekly seasonal visits to the iconic Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. Thomas Point is the last working "screw pile" lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay. Visit it on the water to experience the drama of living and working in the middle of the Bay! 

We have the finest volunteers and staff anywhere! Our year is full with interesting activities and events. Our members have fun, and we cordially invite you to become one!

So, come visit us because we are proud of Annapolis Maritime Museum, proud of the Chesapeake Bay, and we are proud to share it with you!

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